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    Hi I am waiting for my withdraw Amount: 495.45 EUR since January 2018 wrote to the dozens of email and still I haven"t get today september 26 around 9months I posted this problem to many groups and website and I can see everyone says GDMFX is scam everyone is having the same issue with them ,Terrible broker EVER
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    They have educational center
    Their educational center has good coverage of topics
    Taylor Blackburn
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    Several Choices Of Trading Platform
    They have good selection of different platforms
    Declan Saunders
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    They Have A Good Reputation In The Industry

    Won many awards for their outstanding services

    Vignette Leduc
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    Professional Support Whenever You Need It

    Can always reach the support team 24/5

    Anselmo Moretti
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    Good selection of Trading Platforms

    You have several choices of trading platforms

    Szczepan Kowalczyk
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    Legitimate Broker With International Offices

    Reputable Broker

    Meyer Ferko
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    You Can Open A Trading Account For As Low As $100 In Deposit

    Very affordable trading account opening requirements

    Boško Bosanac

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