FXDD Σχόλια Χρηστών 2018

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  • 5.0
    Extensive Coverage Of Educational Materials

    They have a complete educational library

    Miroslav Vinš
  • 4.0
    Competitive Spreads

    They offer very low and competitive spreads

    Ali Miethke
  • 4.0
    7 Different Types Of Trading Available

    They have a wide range of trading platforms to choose from

    Jeremy Glasfurd
  • 4.0
    No Requirement For A Minimum Initial Deposit

    They don’t require you to make an initial minimum deposit

    Korneliusz Dąbrowski
  • 5.0
    FXDD Review by a German

    I have traded with FXDD both on a demo account and on a live account. The demo account offers the same price feed as the demo account, but it still seems as if the demo account is smoother to fill order. All in all, their German speaking team was very friendly, and always was checking in with me, and was ready to offer me a bonus nearly every time I wanted to make a deposit.

    The only downside is if you use their standard MT4 platform, you will pay higher spreads than most other places. Otherwise, they offer exceptional service, and a variety of trading platforms. I can't wait for Swordfish, but their Mirror trader integration works great!

    Kyle Hartmann
  • 3.0
    FXDD review by user
    I like that FXDD has no commission. I like that they have existed for almost 10 years. I don’t like that I can’t trade from charts and that they don’t allow hedging.
    Severino Tabio
  • 4.0
    Pro-Scalper opinion
    I spend most of my days and many nights scalping. All I need is a reliable platform like MT4 and the ability to trade from charts. When I’m traveling I trade from my mobile and it works just fine. I’m happy to have found a broker that works well for me.
    Kim Jurrie
  • 4.0
    Kara Jones’s Review of FXDD
    I opened a trustee account with FXDD. I was really appreciative of their attitude towards me. They answered all my questions and while I don’t run the account myself I wanted to say that I’m very satisfied with my experience.
    Kara Jones

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